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The pallet marketplace and the industries served by pallets is ever changing and evolving.  To stay current with the latest...

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The pallet marketplace and the industries served by pallets is ever changing and evolving.  To stay current with the latest trends, Rose Pallet subscribes to industry journals and attends a variety of trade shows, meetings, and other networking events throughout the year.

Below is a partial listing of the associations and publications with whom we affiliate or consult on an ongoing basis to ensure our clients receive the highest-quality service and solutions for their supply chain needs.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals – Provides educational, career development, and networking opportunities to members and to the entire Supply Chain Management profession.

International Wood Products Association – IWPA is the leading international trade association representing the North American imported wood products industry.

Institute of Packaging Professionals – Dedicated to serving the professional development needs of the packaging community.

Material Handling Industry of America – MHI is the nation’s largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association.

Nature’s Packaging – A North American initiative developed to deliver fact-based materials on the environmental opportunities associated with wood packaging in the global supply chain.

NWPCA – The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association is the largest international organization of wood packaging professionals in the world.

Pallet Central – A journal for the solid wood packaging industry published by the NWPCA. The magazine is distributed to more than 6,800 wood pallet and container companies and industry suppliers worldwide.

Pallet Enterprise – A leading trade publication for the pallet and low-grade lumber industries for more than 37 years in United States and Canada.

Pallet Profile Weekly – A report and weekly newsletter dedicated to the wooden pallet and low grade hardwood lumber industries. It tracks lumber trends and pallet prices across North America.

Reusable Packaging Association – A trade association of leading manufacturers, poolers, distributors, retailers, educators, and others with a commitment to reusable packaging systems and the message of re-use.

Virginia Tech Center for Packaging & Unit Load Design – Based in Blacksburg at the Virginia Tech campus, the Center has been in the forefront of pallet and unit-load research, continuing education, and packaging trends.

Warehousing Education and Research Council – An organization focused on logistics management and its role in the supply chain through educational events, performance metrics, research, and networking.

Western Pallet Association – A non-profit trade association designed to promote and grow the profession of material handling as it relates to wooden pallets and containers.

For more information on any of these organizations or to speak with a professional regarding your pallet management needs, please contact us.

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