Upcycling Trends – Going Tiny with Pallets

We all know the tiny house movement has gained momentum over the last few years. And, also very popular is...

making a small house out of wooden pallets

We all know the tiny house movement has gained momentum over the last few years. And, also very popular is the upcycling trend of turning old material into something new. In our industry, almost 200 million pallets go into a landfill every year. Rather than continue this wasteful practice, many in the DIY world have been converting perfectly good wood from pallets into new, useful items. Pallet upcyling started gaining popularity in the last decade and has now become a growing obsession for crafty folks everywhere.

In fact, there is even a festival dedicated to pallet upcycling. The very first PalletFest occurred in Denver in 2014. The next event is scheduled for summer 2017 (stay tuned to our blog for updates on the exact date and location). PalletFest features an outdoor sculpture park, interactive maze, and garden show. There, attendees can explore the latest trends in pallet upcycling and witness upcycling “how-to” demos such as turning pallets into furniture or art. With ideas and step-by-step instruction, attendees get inspired to start their own projects. The end result is not only a sense of accomplishment, but also the act of saving cents in the process.

Some of the latest upcycling trends include using pallets to create sheds, playgrounds, or even tiny houses. We love the fact that a tiny house made out of pallets would not only reduce one’s footprint and energy consumption, but it would also help save excess waste! Shelving, racks, furniture, and home decor remain popular as well.

But, for the very latest ideas, we suggest regular visits to pinterest or 1001pallets.com. On the latter site, you can browse projects, view tutorials—which include tips for using the proper woodworking materials and locating used pallets. You can even chat in real-time with other creative minds. Plus, the site also runs periodic contests for the most creative crafts. It’s definitely worth bookmarking in your browser!

Have you seen any amazing uses for pallets? Share them with us—please comment below…  And, for all of your pallet needs, rely on the pros at Rose Pallet!

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