Storing Pallets? Do These 8 Things to Avoid Fire Hazards

If you live in a cold climate like we do here in Chicago, a warm fire can be so delightful. So long as it is contained. But did you know that accumulated pallets can be a major fire risk? Take these fire safety precautions to ensure your supply is protected.

burning a wooden pallet

We all know that pallets move the world. When they’re not in use, however, wooden pallets can pile up and present a fire risk. In fact, a stack of pallets makes the perfect fuel for fire thanks to their geometry, flue spacing, and combustibility.

Follow these steps to ensure your warehouse or other facilities are safe:

  1. Maintain a pickup and delivery relationship with your pallet supplier to avoid storing excess pallets.
  2. When storage is necessary, pallets should be arranged in stable piles and stacked flat (not on edge) in a designated area.
  3. Avoid storing pallets near electrical or mechanical equipment which could introduce an ignition source.
  4. Perform routine inspection of your fire sprinkler system.
  5. Maintain a clean area; discard wood dust, broken pallet pieces, or other debris.
  6. Ensure walkways and aisles are clear for quick evacuation, if necessary.
  7. Maintain quick and easy access to a water source for fire department use.
  8. Properly train your staff to recognize hazards and follow established guidelines.

Rose Pallet values fire safety which is why we have a defined site plan, a fire prevention plan, a fire safety and evacuation plan, and a security management plan for our office and plants. All of this is in accordance with the NWPCA Fire Compliance Manual.

But our concern is not limited to our facilities. We want to make sure our clients avoid fire hazards too. Please contact us to learn more about pallet fire risks and how you can help your facilities stay safe.

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