Made in Montréal: 2023 Fall Plant Tours

Each fall, the National Wooden Pallet Container Association hosts plant tours to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into pallet manufacturing. This year the event is being held at Interpal in Montréal on October 3-5.

The pallet industry plays an essential role in supply chain resiliency and advancing global sustainability solutions. Therefore Montréal, a hub of innovation and advocate for sustainability, provides the ideal backdrop for the Interpal 2023 Conference and the NWCPA Fall Plant Tours.

The event kicks off with meetings and a reception on Tuesday, October 3, followed by plant tours on Wednesday and educational sessions on Thursday. During the tours, participants will visit Herwood in Québec, Interco in St-Eugene Québec, and L.C.N. in Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey to see how each of these manufacturing facilities produces more than 5,000 pallets per day. It is an excellent opportunity for those in the pallet industry as well as those responsible for procuring pallets to ask questions about the machinery and equipment used, inspecting and testing processes, as well as safety protocols.

After observing pallet production, attendees will transition to hands-on learning with a full day of educational sessions tailored to the wood pallet and packaging industry. Two sessions that we recommend are the interactive panel on Carbon, Sustainability, and the Wood Pallet Industry as well as How to Reduce Packaging Waste and Reuse Through Smart Pallet Design.

At Rose Pallet, we look forward to the annual plant tours, building new business relationships, and catching up with suppliers. The end goal, of course, is to take the knowledge we gain and share it with you—our valued clients—to strengthen our partnership.

For registration and hotel accommodation information, click Fall Plant Tours. But hurry! With a limited capacity of 450 tour participants, early registration is encouraged.

And for all your pallet needs, please contact the pros at Rose Pallet.  We’re ready and prepared to help you for the long haul.

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