Pallets and Automation — Oil and Water or Hand-in-Hand?

Ideally, pallets and automation help companies fulfill orders faster than ever before. But, some would argue the two aren’t mixing...

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Ideally, pallets and automation help companies fulfill orders faster than ever before. But, some would argue the two aren’t mixing well these days and that the opposite is happening. Indeed, poor-quality pallets can actually clog and jam automation systems, slowing down the process.

Why is this happening?

As more and more businesses incorporate automation into their operations, the demand for pallets has increased. However, in today’s market, the supply of high-quality used pallets is low. That’s because market conditions have forced many pallet manufacturers to construct pallets in a cost-conscious way.  After pallets are sent out a few times, they’re sent off for repair. But, because they weren’t constructed with the sturdiest materials in the first place, repairs aren’t as effective. The result is that many companies are receiving used pallets that either weren’t designed for use on certain equipment or they are such poor quality that they are causing inefficiencies in automation.

What can I do?

Carefully weigh your options. Purchasing agents should be very selective with their suppliers. Review pallet design characteristics, material choice and source, and other specifications before placing an order. Get buy-in from management by explaining the benefits of spending a little more upfront for the right pallet. After all, a less expensive pallet can save a little bit of money initially, but it can also create problems that are much costlier to the system later on. Avoiding jams or faults and the resulting maintenance, product damage, or even safety incidents should far outweigh the cost for quality pallets.

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Where can I buy quality pallets?

Rose Pallet has production lines running at full speed to meet the extra demand for quality pallets. Ask us about our combo pallets. They’re less expensive than new Grade A or #1 pallets, but still very durable. Our combo pallet production line assembles pallets with new stringers, used bottom boards, and used top deck boards in a variety of configurations to meet your specific automation needs. Our pallet specialists work hand-in-hand with clients to deliver the very best product and service. Contact us today and experience peace of mind.

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