Got Unwanted Pallets? We’re At Your Disposal…

If your business ships a large volume of product, it’s likely there are pallets laying around somewhere. Perhaps they’re left over, poor quality, or an unusual size. Whatever the reason, there is a solution. From preventing pallet waste in the first place to properly disposing of it, learn what you can do…

broken pallets and unwanted pallets stacked in a pile ready for trash

Managing your pallet supply can be tricky.  While you want to make sure you have enough, it’s also important to avoid surplus or ordering the wrong type or size. Unused pallets take up space in the warehouse, pose safety risks, and may collect dust or even grow mold.

Prevent Pallet Waste

If you have left over pallets, you may need to revisit your pallet usage forecast. Tools such as the Forecasting Including Trends and Seasonal (FITS) formula is the easiest way to plan for pallet usage. Pallet Enterprise has an excellent article covering tips on forecasting entitled “Forecasting Pallet Usage for JIT Delivery.” Armed with an accurate forecast, it is possible to order the correct amount of pallets just when you need them.

If pallets are discarded due to quality, you may need to consider a more durable pallet that requires less repair. If size is an issue, consider re-design. With some tweaks using software such as the Pallet Design System, you may be able to order more standard or popular sizes that function better throughout the supply chain.

Properly Dispose of Pallets

When pallets have reached the end of their lifecycle, it’s important to properly dispose of them. In some cases, they may be candidates for reconditioning or they may need to be ground up and repurposed. Your pallet supplier can help you dispose of unwanted pallets. And, you may even be able to profit by selling pallets. Check with your provider to see what options are available.

At Rose Pallet, we buy pallets and we can help with disposal, too.  With our dropped trailer program, you can unload all of your wood or plastic pallet waste into a trailer located on your site. When the trailer is full, we drop/switch it and remove the scrap or waste. This process eliminates the hassle that comes with having live unloads and ensures you always have a trailer on site for collection.

Ultimately, if you have unwanted pallets, we’re at your disposal. Contact Rose Pallet to discuss your options today!

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