World Environment Day

Every year world environment day is hosted by someone different with a different theme. This year Saudi Arabia would like to focus on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience. It is often assumed that pallets are a great contributor of mass deforestation. This is not true though. Over two million pallets are estimated to be in use at any given time. Yet, majority of these pallets are reconditioned and recycled at the end of use. They are also biodegradable if discarded improperly. 

Recycled Wood Pallets

Over 90% of companies are using wood pallets versus other materials. They are also recycling at a rate above 90% to catch up to consumption. Even the D.I.Y crowd has taken a liking to wood pallets for their projects due to their easily customizable nature and easy access to acquire. Often times you can find wood pallets discarded behind places such as grocery stores and warehouses. They then take these items and repurpose them for home projects and art pieces further ensuring they will be repurposed and not end up in a landfill.

Environmental Impact

The best environmental aspect of a wood pallet over other materials, is that it is biodegradable. They re also often grounded up to be sawdust, mulch, wood chips, etc. There has even been an environmental product declaration, which is an independent environmental study conducted by the USDA Forest Products Lab and partially financed by the national wooden pallets and container association (NWPCA).

Yes, climate change does have an impact but it is largely due to human interference. Deforestation is primarily the result of poor land management programs. The biggest example of this in America history would be the dust bowl of the 1930s. The dust bowl was the largest man-made environmental disaster in American history, even until this day. It was caused by the strong winds but also by farmers poor agricultural choses which left the top soil compromised. This is just one great example of why sustainable agricultural practices are crucial. This has been a great influencer on the many regulations and processes surround wooden pallets.


We hope this world environment day you all continue to educate yourselves on the many ways we can create a healthier Earth together.


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