Rose Pallet is Proud to Assist the Cancer Support Center Walk of Hope

Rose Pallet is honored and privileged to donate and participate in Cancer Support Center’s Walk of Hope each year.

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Supporting cancer research and those fighting the disease is of great importance to everyone at Rose Pallet. Our CEO is a survivor and he understands the emotions that afflict those affected. That’s why he has been a long-time supporter of The Cancer Support Center, whose mission it is to give strength, guidance, and support to anyone living with a cancer diagnosis, as well as to their loved ones.

The nonprofit hosts events and fundraisers throughout the year, but our staff always looks forward to the “Walk of Hope,” which occurs next weekend on Sunday, October 6.  That’s still plenty of time for you to get involved!

From donating, active fundraising, or participation, your support helps raise awareness and funds for The Cancer Support Center and its initiative to provide oncology support services, at no cost, for anyone living with cancer. Its programs strive to improve and enhance the quality of life of cancer patients and their loved ones, from diagnosis to survivorship.

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For the third year in a row, the organizers of the Walk encourage all participants to come dressed as their favorite superhero to help those fighting cancer. The event kicks off at the Center located at 2028 Elm Road and participants can choose to walk a 1-mile, 3-mile, or 5-mile route.

Rose Pallet is honored and privileged to donate and participate in this event each year. If you’re local to Chicago, we encourage you to lace up your shoes and take part in this super-fun event for an amazing cause. Your support is critical to help provide the resources needed for patients and their families who rely on The Center. Each year, due to donors, The Center is able to increase its service hours significantly.

Register to Walk, join a fundraising team, or go online to make an individual donation. From all of us at Rose Pallet, we appreciate your support!

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