We’re Passionate About Pallets

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…  To celebrate, we thought we’d survey a few of our employees to find...

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…  To celebrate, we thought we’d survey a few of our employees to find out what they appreciate most about working in the pallet industry as well as what they love most about Valentine’s Day.

What I love most about the Pallet Industry:

  1. Meeting face-to-face with clients and learning about their business operations as well as personal achievements and milestones.
  2. The business culture is great, especially internally at Rose Pallet. As employees, we feed off one another and are successful because we enjoy figuring out how to move the company and the industry forward.
  3. The fact that our products can be recycled or repurposed – not taking up space in a landfill.
  4. Traveling to exotic destinations for the NWPCA and other pallet industry trade shows, meetings, and conferences.
  5. Making a difference in the global economy; pallets are used by every product manufacturer to move goods from point A to B. Just think of it–most of the chocolates, cards, and other Valentine’s gifts were once on a pallet! Without these wooden platforms, products would move more slowly and with less ease.

What I love most about Valentine’s Day:

  1. Are you kidding? The candy! Who can resist the plethora of sweets on Valentine’s Day?
  2. It is a time to reflect on our business connections and to show gratitude and love for our personal relationships.
  3. All the sappy made-for-TV movies and blockbusters that pop up this time of year.
  4. Sifting through the kids’ Valentine’s from schoolmates and then eating some of the candy they bring home.
  5. Roses…  Of course, they’re the preferred flower of everyone at Rose Pallet!  No one can go wrong giving or receiving roses!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Rose Pallet!  We love earning your business and we’re always available to assist you with your pallet management needs.

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