Retailers Rely on Pallets for a Variety of Uses

Pallets are widely used among retailers for loading and unloading a heavy amount of merchandise at one time. But, did...

collage of multiple retail displays using wooden pallets

Pallets are widely used among retailers for loading and unloading a heavy amount of merchandise at one time. But, did you know that some retailers have gone as far as designing their products around pallets? This is being done to optimize the amount of product that fits on a pallet and, in turn, reduce shipping costs.

In fact, there is real science behind pallet cube optimization involving, among other things, analysis of “pallet overhang” and “pallet gaps.” Out of this research and analysis has come a variety of pallet design software, such as the Pallet Design System™, the leading wooden pallet software design program developed by the National Wooden & Pallet Container Association. Using software helps pallet manufacturers and retailers custom-design a pallet that exactly accommodates particular shipping needs.

Of course, in addition to custom specifications, retailers want a pallet that eliminates product damage, is environmentally stable, and can withstand heavy loads.  After all, once in use, a pallet’s ultimate purpose is to facilitate the loading of all products at once and then, once at its destination, removed at once and easily offloaded onto a shelf or placed on the floor as part of a merchandise display.

Next time you’re in a retail store, look carefully at end-cap displays, for example. Oftentimes, retailers use pallets in these areas to showcase merchandise with minimal effort. But, pallets can also become part of an elaborate and creative point-of-sale display.

Have you seen a neat display incorporating pallets? Take a pic and share it in the comments section below or on our Facebook Page. And, as always, if you’re looking for pallet solutions, shop no further.  The pallet pros are ready to help you determine which pallet is right for your organization.  Contact us today!

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