Pallet Safety Reminders to Help Workers Avoid Injury and Lost Time

As part of national safety month in June, our company revisited safe handling practices for pallets. We’ve found that, even though we’ve been in business for many years and we employ seasoned experts, it never hurts to be reminded of pallet safety procedures.

pallet warehouse worker

Sprains, strains, and tears are the top workplace injuries resulting in time missed from the job. Improper handling of pallets can result in any one of these afflictions. If you work in a warehouse or if your department inspects or handles pallets, consider discussing these and other pallet safety tips with your team to avoid injury and lost-time incidents:

  • When not in use, properly store pallets (your storage plan must adhere to fire code compliance).
  • Never stack or lean pallets on their sides. The safe way is to lay them flat in stacks no higher than four feet.
  • Keep pallets clear of doorways, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, emergency equipment, and other frequently accessed areas.
  • Inspect every pallet for missing boards or stringers, loose nails, splinters, cracks, or weaknesses. Recycle or repair any pallet that is no longer safe to use.
  • When loading pallets, ensure weight is evenly distributed. Do not exceed the maximum weight bearing capacity when loading or stacking.
  • If lifting a loaded pallet by hand, use two employees to reduce the risk of injury and to ensure proper weight distribution.
  • When handling pallets with a forklift, refer to our post last month for important safety tips.
  • Do not drop or bang pallets.
  • Avoid walking over pallets or standing on top of empty pallets.
  • Wear appropriate PPE to protect your hands, feet, and back.

While the National Safety Council designates June as National Safety Month, it is important to observe and practice workplace safety every day. Rose Pallet takes safety very serious.  If you would more pallet or material handling safety tips, please contact us. We’re happy to continue the discussion and help you create a safe environment for the proper handling of pallets.

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