Choosing a Pallet Provider

How do you select your logistics vendors or material handling suppliers?  Do you have certain criteria or requirements mandated by...

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How do you select your logistics vendors or material handling suppliers?  Do you have certain criteria or requirements mandated by your company?

When it comes to pallets, material probably tops the list because, depending on the product being shipped or industry serviced, material can dictate what is most suitable. For example, wood can carry more weight and wooden pallets can be easily repaired, recycled, or repurposed; but, plastic is more durable, clean, and weather-resistant. Other considerations may be less objective, however. What about the pallet provider’s operation? The people behind the pallets make a difference, too. Consider their availability, flexibility, innovativeness, and—of course—pricing.

Whatever your expectations, as a buyer of products and services, you should make your wishes known loud and clear to all vendors competing to be your logistics partner.  It is also helpful to be certain you are comparing “apples-to-apples” before making your final decision.

Pallet Provider

At Rose Pallet, we take pride in our customer service and our passion to go above and beyond for our clients. As a family-owned business, we know what it takes to collaborate and, if clients need us to come on site to develop custom solutions for their operations, we don’t hesitate.  We believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish when we work together. But, don’t just take our word for it.  Click on our client video testimonials to hear first-hand why logistics professionals for the nation’s leading companies in agriculture, food and beverage, construction, and manufacturing…to name a few…select Rose Pallet to assist with their pallet management programs.

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