The Top Concerns for Pallet Users in 2021

Used pallet sales have risen sharply since last year. This heightened demand, along with a slew of other factors, has resulted in short supply. But that is not the only concern for pallet users…

Each year Modern Materials Handling conducts a survey of pallet users. The data compiled helps buyers, producers, and providers of pallets understand market conditions to better plan and, in some cases, adapt strategies. Below are the most critical things to note from that survey and how you can combat prevailing challenges.

Used Pallet Concerns:

  1. Availability of used wood pallets has declined significantly.
  2. Quality of used wood pallets has declined slightly year-over-year.
  3. The cost of used wood pallets has risen for an overwhelming majority of respondents.
  4. Use of the GMA pallet increased year-over-year. Yet, four other common pallets sizes—48×48, 42×42, 36×48, and 36×36—have decreased during the same period.

For complete survey data, click here.

What You Can Do:

  1. Tap into alternative options to secure enough pallets. For example, less-common sizes may be easier to procure and less expensive. If you can also switch to a different lumber species, it may also help shorten lead times.
  2. Work with a provider with strict quality standards. At Rose Pallet, for example, we source from smaller operations with proven track records for reliable and high-quality pallets. And we never cut corners—always insuring accurate counts and grades of pallets so you get what you pay for.
  3. Pre-buy and carry an extra supply. The reason for this is that, even though the price is high today, it may rise even higher tomorrow. We realize this may be tough for many companies; but if it is possible, it could help you save long term.
  4. With the scarcity of GMA pallets, it may help to rethink your pallet specs. Optimizing pallet load for half or quarter-sized pallets may be a viable solution. These sizes may also be used for retail display and help save on stocking labor.

There’s no doubt pallet quality, supply, and price have all been affected in 2021. Rose Pallet is here to help you navigate the obstacles and avoid any disruption to your supply chain. Let’s talk today so you can meet all your delivery demands next year!

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