How Wood is used to Honor Our Military on Memorial Day

Are you looking for some great ways to show your support of our nation’s servicemen and servicewomen this Memorial Day...

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Are you looking for some great ways to show your support of our nation’s servicemen and servicewomen this Memorial Day Weekend? Look no further. We’ve found a few unique ways that people around the country are remembering our fallen heroes as well as honoring those still active or retired. And, wouldn’t you know it? They all involve wood!

Folks in upstate New York are preparing for a Memorial Day Watchfire on Sunday, May 26th. The Vietnam Veterans of America Central New York Chapter 103 are using old wooden pallets and other scrap wood to build the watchfire in the Veterans Memorial Watchfire Park at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. In battle, the purpose of a watchfire is to help those missing or lost find and rejoin their comrades. This particular watchfire, however, is used to make Memorial Day more meaningful for everyone in the community. Veterans and citizens are invited to gather at the watchfire to honor those who have faithfully served the nation.

This Memorial Day Weekend (or any day), you can donate to 21st Century Heroes, which is a nonprofit organization committed to providing therapeutic and recreational woodcarving workshops for combat wounded veterans. In addition to building camaraderie and support among participants, the experience introduces a new hobby, artistic outlet, or even a new career.

Veterans Wood Carving
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Another way you can honor and remember our military is by purchasing and proudly displaying a hand-crafted wooden flag created by combat veterans. Flags of Valor is a veteran owned and operated company that employs dozens of veterans and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Veteran and First Responder charities.

Rose Pallet would like to publicly salute all five armed service branches for all you have sacrificed to protect this great nation, our traditions, and values.

If you have spent time in the military or are still active in reserves, comment below and let us know which branch; we will send you a special “thank you” for your service.

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