Looking Forward to 2023

Before we officially ring in the New Year, we are closing out 2022 with a fun post that focuses on the future of our employees. We asked a few of them to comment on what they are looking forward to experiencing in 2023. Here are their candid responses…

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

Our account manager, Rich, is looking forward to a very good year both personally and professionally. He says, “Joining the team at Rose Pallet is a big part of my professional happiness – all the people at the company have been tremendous in helping me learn a new road traveled.”

Melissa, our accounting assistant, plans to build upon her amazing year in 2022. “Earlier this year, I became an empty-nester mama and a grandmother to my first grandson. I also joined Rose Pallet last March and have learned so much about the pallet industry. Rose Pallet is small by mighty; I cannot wait to see how much bigger we grow. It’s great to be a part of a company that has become like family to me.”

Accounting manager, Dori, says “I’m looking forward to meeting new people, having new experiences, and traveling. But let us not forget about the past. By looking at our past good experiences as well as our mistakes, we learn and grow. Life’s good experiences and bad experiences both are equally important because, in my point of view, good experiences give us happiness and at the same time bad experiences give us learning.”

What is your professional goal for 2023?

“I want to learn in any way possible. Of course, I have learned a lot on the job already. It has been truly fascinating in many ways for me. With this type of opportunity, it makes going to work every day a pleasure,” says Rich.

Melissa agrees with Rich. She says, “My goal is to learn more about the industry and strengthen my skill set to become an even greater asset to the company.”

“Next year I want to focus on and foster team collaboration,” says Dori. “For the long term, try to identify opportunities for cross training each team member. And for the short term, in weekly or by-weekly meetings, create a recurring “team stand-up” during which everyone can share what they’re working on.”

What do you think will change in the industry next year?

“None of us in this industry have dealt with a post-pandemic situation,” says Rich. We will continue to face unknowns and not have all the answers, but we will learn and resolve them somehow. Also, I think prices should return to years’ prior or closer to ‘normal.'”

Melissa believes the future is full of promise. She says, “I think Rose Pallet will continue to surpass everyone’s expectations as we become a bigger company, hire new employees, and solve more pallet problems for our customers and the industry at large.”

“A few of the things I think with change in 2023 are communication technology to improve overall efficiencies and advances in automation technology in manufacturing of pallets,” says Dori.

What will you change or do differently in 2023?

“I will seek ways to expand my knowledge, improve my efforts to grow, become a better person, employee, and a father,” says Rich.  “Being a happy person who takes care of my family and succeeds in business is something that motivates and rewards me each and every day – so it’s necessary that I try and improve in both of these critical areas.”

“Next year I would like to be more involved in cross training to get a better understanding of how everyone’s roles tie in together,” explains Melissa. “Expanding my knowledge and understanding of the industry will help me provide even more value.”

“I plan to respect myself more. To stand up for myself, take time for self-care, and stay true to who I am,” remarked Dori.

We appreciate our employees’ willingness to reflect on the past and share their thoughts about the future. From all of us at Rose Pallet—Happy New Year!  Let’s make it the best yet!

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