The People Behind the Pallets – A Labor of Love

Labor Day occurs in just 5 days and marks the unofficial end to summer. It’s traditionally celebrated with one last picnic or day at the pool. The occasion is the perfect time for Rose Pallet to reflect on our hard-working employees and our preferred vendor network.

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Started by the Central Labor Union in New York City, Labor Day was first celebrated on September 5, 1882. Congress voted to make it a national holiday on June 28, 1894. Its purpose is to honor the work people do in or outside of the home.

At Rose Pallet, we are fortunate to employ energetic and loyal workers. In fact, a large part of what differentiates us is the responsiveness and solutions-oriented mindset of our staff. We are all a close-knit group of professionals with a passion for pallets and helping clients move products more efficiently.

Additionally, the vendors with whom we partner help us deliver on our promise to provide high-quality pallet products to our clients. We make it a practice to work primarily with small to medium-sized pallet manufacturers located throughout the heartland. By sourcing products from these vendors, they build capacity and increase efficiencies, allowing them to create more jobs and employ more workers. Having a vast network of suppliers also helps us meet client demands in a challenging market environment—if one of our suppliers can’t fulfill an entire order, we can source from multiple suppliers without sacrificing quality.

Rose Pallet truly appreciates all of our suppliers, most of whom are owner-operated businesses and all of whom make an impact on the economy and on America’s labor force. It’s an accomplishment worth celebrating each year on Labor Day. So, to our amazing vendors—we are grateful for your tireless efforts to provide quality pallet products. And to our people—thank you for helping our clients find pallets even when demand is high and supplies tight. Together, we ‘move the world.’

Happy Labor Day! We hope you can spend it with family and friends and perhaps enjoy a dip in the pool or enjoy a picnic. If you’re in need of some ideas to entertain or help you relax, check out these posts to learn how you can re-purpose pallets into games, a porch swing, or a variety of other items.

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