Does Your Pallet Provider Emphasize Employee Education?

We understand that our clients face new challenges every day concerning the logistics and handling of their products. In order...

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We understand that our clients face new challenges every day concerning the logistics and handling of their products. In order to better anticipate needs, our employees must be aware of the latest supply chain trends and developments. That’s why Rose Pallet places strong emphasis on continuing employee education and development.

How Our Education Benefits You:

  1. We are always learning from experts in the supply chain industry. Through their insight, we get a better understanding of your pain points to help solve your prevailing challenges.
  2. We make new connections so that, if we don’t have all the answers, we can find someone who does and confidently refer you to them.
  3. We get a glimpse into the best practices of other pallet companies. We realize you have many choices when it comes to pallet providers. Knowing the competition helps us differentiate, innovate, and maintain our prominent position in the marketplace.

Our Go-To Resources:

NWPCA – The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association is the largest international organization of wood packaging professionals in the world. We make a point to attend their annual leadership conference every year; check out our top 5 favorite moments from 2018.

The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design – A leading research facility that offers programs ideal for employee education focusing on pallets, packaging, and material handling equipment. Their 3-day spring and fall courses, in particular, benefit anyone involved in the purchase of pallets.

Western Pallet Association – a non-profit trade association designed to promote and grow the profession of material handling as it relates to wooden pallets. Their annual conference is packed with educational presentations on the latest trends and innovations.

Material Handling Industry of America – MHI is the nation’s largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association. We look forward to ProMat as it occurs in our backyard at the McCormick Place in Chicago.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals – Provides educational and networking opportunities to the entire Supply Chain Management profession. Their annual conference is a must-attend event for anyone involved in supply chain strategy.

Warehousing Education and Research Council – An association for distribution professionals with resources including educational events, research, and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. Their next annual conference occurs in approximately two months.

Next time you need to purchase pallets, put our education to the test! Contact us and we’ll help you make well-informed decisions for all of your pallet management needs.

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