Invest in our Planet by Re-Using Wood Pallets

The wooden pallet industry is very supportive of Earth Day, which occurs in just two days on April 22. Since its establishment over 50 years ago, Earth Day has been known to promote various sustainable practices including recycling, to which the pallet industry contributes by repairing and reconstructing used pallets as well as recycling or upcycling pallets that have reached the end of their lifecycle.

Make Everyday Earth Day

This year the theme of Earth Day is “Invest in our Plant.” Through our collective actions, we can change course and make an impact.  And not just on April 22nd, but every day. In that spirit, one of the nonprofit’s ongoing initiatives is to encourage people to break the single-use habit. Things like avoiding plastic water bottles, grocery bags, cups, cutlery, etc., is a great start. But another meaningful way is through your pallet program.


Through scientific pallet design, it’s possible to engineer wood pallets that can be used and re-used multiple times—lowering your environmental impact, and keeping them out of landfills.

Using the Pallet Design System™ software, Rose Pallet customizes the perfect pallet for our customers’ unique performance requirements. Engineering and analysis features enable us to achieve higher levels of pallet design optimization for durable pallets that can be safely and effectively circulated multiple times. After multiple trips, the pallet can be repaired and recycled. Once again, the software comes into play. We use it to perform an analysis of recycled pallets with notched stringers to provide a better, safer design.


Aside from breaking the single-use habit with pallets, there are many other Earth Day initiatives to check out. You can also donate or simply spread the word to help support the Earth Day Network. Or you can attend one of many fun events across the country. In our backyard, for example, Earth Day Chicago showcases activities like the Parks and Preserves Clean-up. Residents demonstrate their hometown pride by tidying up beloved parks and forest preserves. Additionally, our local Brookfield Zoo hosts a “Party for the Planet,” which features plantings, an eco expo, and a live music performance.

Wherever you live, we hope this Earth Day inspires you to get out and experience an activity or contribute in some way to the preservation of our planet. And for an eco-friendly way to ship your product, contact Rose Pallet to discuss our wooden pallet and packaging solutions.

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