Industry Tip: 5 Things to Consider When Buying Pallets

One pallet does not fit all applications. Before buying pallets from any provider, consider the following: Shipping Destination Weight of...

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One pallet does not fit all applications. Before buying pallets from any provider, consider the following:

  1. Shipping Destination
  2. Weight of Product Being Shipped
  3. Life Expectancy of Pallet
  4. Equipment Compatibility
  5. Pallet Management Needs

Destination – If your products are shipping overseas, heat or chemically treated pallets are necessary to guard against pesticides, mold, or rot during transit.

Weight –The pallet you select must be capable of supporting the weight of materials being shipped.  Block-style wood pallets can carry the most weight; plastic pallets, on the other hand, are more durable, clean, weather-resistant, and stackable.  But, they can cost ten times more than hardwood.

Life Expectancy –Will the pallet endure extreme shipping and handling conditions over multiple uses or will it only be used sporadically or perhaps just once?

Equipment Compatibility –Do pallets travel along a conveyor or other automated warehouse system in your organization?  The purpose or role of pallets in relation to other material handling equipment, including forklifts or pallet jacks, will help determine the proper pallet size/style.

Pallet Management Needs – While many pallet providers can help you select a pallet based on the aforementioned factors, consider whether they can offer a continuous, uninterrupted supply of your chosen pallet. Oftentimes, needs arise unexpectedly and companies may have an unplanned, heavy demand for pallets. Be sure to partner with a provider that can deliver within a tight time frame. Also, look for a provider that can help you manage your pallet inventory effectively so that you never have to worry about a shortage of pallets.

Of course, all five of these factors vary for every organization.  Start the discussion with your preferred pallet specialist; contact Rose Pallet today!

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