Business Update – Building on Past Success and Preparing for Future Growth

We are grateful to our clients, vendors, and the surrounding community for supporting our business in 2016.  Now, as we...

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We are grateful to our clients, vendors, and the surrounding community for supporting our business in 2016.  Now, as we move into 2017, we are excited for what lies ahead.  Our president, Michael Loizzo, took a few moments to reflect on the past and provide his thoughts on the future.

  1. What three things set Rose Pallet apart over the last year?
    • Expansion – we have successfully grown our business outside the Midwest to become a national presence in the pallet and crating industry.
    • Relationship Building – we strengthened and created new partnerships with vendors in order to ensure ample supply and, more importantly, high-quality products to our customers.
    • Human Resources – we have invested in our employees and company culture in order to retain and attract the best talent in the industry to serve our growing customer base.
  1. Will the new Trump Administration impact operations in 2017 and beyond? Rose Pallet is optimistic and we hope that the President-Elect will lead our great country to economic stability and growth in domestic manufacturing and distribution within our borders.  That being said, commerce drives freight and freight drives pallets, so a stimulated economy would greatly benefit our business.  However, we will continue to do our part to develop new business with customers ranging from “mom-and-pop” start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
  1. Rose Pallet takes pride in providing value-added strategic partnerships. What does that mean for clients in 2017? We have continued to morph from a commodity provider to a valuable supply-chain partner.  We diagnose needs, desires, and potential inefficiencies to prescribe a good, better, and best scenario whenever applicable.  We provide a multitude of services, beyond supplying a simple pallet.  We know the impact that each line item has on a company’s P&L and approach the purchasing cycle with custom solutions and services.
  1. What are the company’s goals for 2017?
    • Continued expansion into new markets and territories
    • Aggressive sales growth
    • Gain more face time with our customers
    • Foster and grow strategic partnerships with our customers
  1. What is the company looking forward to the most in the coming year?
    • Since we are headquartered in Chicago and frequently deal with frigid winter temperatures, we are looking forward to warmer weather!
    • Forging new relationships with companies and helping them optimize their supply-chain operations
    • Witnessing another World Series Championship for our beloved Chicago Cubs

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