When Buying Pallets, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The pallet industry is growing every year. Yep—even in 2020 revenue for many companies is up, which is partially due to consumers stocking up on essentials. But, it’s also because pallets are indispensable to the supply chain. They’re everywhere. The right pallet supplier, however, might be harder to find.

woman on machine moving wooden pallets

Buying pallets isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important to do your research as there are benefits and limitations to all suppliers. Large pallet rental and recycling companies, for example, can handle big volume contracts and multiple national programs. But, did you know that much of the work is still done by local pallet companies? They know that using local companies within close proximity to customers’ sites reduces freight costs for pallet delivery, but is that savings passed on to you?

There’s no doubt that the large suppliers in the industry will continue to grow larger. But, with expansion comes growing pains. Customer service may be the first to suffer if there is turnover or reorganization. Dealing with multiple contacts can create more hassle for you and lead to communication issues or interruptions in delivery.

On the other hand, smaller companies typically offer one-point-of-contact and personal attention. And, that relationship is important in order to create a pallet program that works for your needs, goals, and budget. For example, what about when your priorities shift? Smaller companies can more easily adapt to order fluctuations whether in quantity or speed. It’s as easy as picking up the phone.

Of course, technology is also exploding in our industry. There are new apps emerging at a rapid pace to help manage your pallet program. With these tools, it’s possible to place orders, track status, and view order history all from the palm of your hand. But, what if you don’t know the type of pallet to purchase? Or, what if your department is under pressure to cut costs?

The answer may require an on-site visit. Most local pallet providers are willing to pop over to your facility and review your material handling equipment, unit load requirements, and other considerations that factor into pallet choice. From there, they can help you design or procure the right one.

Ultimately, you need to be comfortable with and trust your pallet supplier. From service and quality to capabilities, there is a lot to weigh. If you’re looking for a new vendor or perhaps a backup provider, please contact us. We don’t just talk about our customer service, we deliver!  And, we invite you to experience the difference.

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