Saving Time and Dough for Local Bakery

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Customer-spotlightAt Rose Pallet, we take pride in our customer service and our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients.  And, as a family-owned business, we know what it takes to collaborate in order to get the job done right quickly and effectively.  But, don’t just take our word for it.  Continue reading to learn what Joel Rio, purchasing manager for Gonnella Baking Co., has to say about working with Rose Pallet.

  1. Describe your initial need for pallets or pallet-related services:
    Our company produces over four million pounds of freshly baked breads and frozen dough products every week in four Chicagoland facilities. In order to distribute these products, both locally and nationwide, we depend on a continuous supply of pallets.
  2. Have you tried other pallet providers to assist with your needs?  If so, what was the outcome?
    We have tried other providers.  Our previous supplier could not meet our demand for uninterrupted service and we were not happy with the quality of pallets.
  3. How did you hear of Rose Pallet?
    My friend Michael Loizzo, president of Rose Pallet, shared information with me through a social media network about Rose Pallet and their customer-service-driven business model.  I was impressed with his role at Rose Pallet and how he works to enforce strict standards of quality in all areas of the operation.
  4. Why did you choose to buy from Rose Pallet?
    Initially, it was because of my relationship with Michael that I considered Rose Pallet. But, now we fully trust the entire team at Rose Pallet with our pallet management needs.  We know they will work to look after our company’s best interests.
  5. How does Rose Pallet help you currently?
    Rose Pallet is our source for pallets. They are attentive to all aspects of our needs and deliver a high-quality product on time and without interruption at a fair price.
  6. Has operations improved as a result of buying from Rose Pallet?
    In addition to supplying pallets, they also remove scrap or waste and will pick-up pallets for re-use. We no longer need to sort out bad pallets or keep piles of pallets in the warehouse, which helps to free up space.
  7. Would you recommend Rose Pallet to others?
    We would recommend Rose pallet to anyone in need of a friendly, responsive, and quality pallet supplier.


Alan Rose Alan Rose

Alan Rose, CEO and Co-Founder, has over 40 years of business experience in construction and logistics. At Rose Pallet, he enjoys interfacing and developing partnerships with lumber mills across the United States to bring the very best products and services to clients. Active in the overall strategy and direction of the company, he is equally involved in refining the internal training and educational department. During his spare time, Alan is devoted to many philanthropic efforts, some of which include cancer and asthmatic research. He also likes to attend various social events and spend time with family and friends. Alan was recently honored by The Daily Herald Business Ledger newspaper with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards Program.