Women’s History in Pallets

Women’s history month was created to celebrate the women in America and all their accomplishments. As we have a special cross-over into the manufacturing industry we would love to focus in on the contributions seen in the sector. Multiple sources have estimated women to make up around 30% of the manufacturing industries workforce.

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Our Women Founders

At Rose Pallet, we are 100% women owned business. Mia Allen, and Amy Olson formally establish Rose Pallet in the year 2011. They did start with the help of their uncle, Allan Rose, who has lengthy business experience. Both sisters are residents of the Chicago-land area, and it is this region that founded the birth of the company. Since then, there have a multitude of achievements made by the team that has shaped their reputation in both the manufacturing and pallet industry.

Rose Pallet Recognition

The national wooden pallet & container association (NWPCA) has a major impact on the industry. They have a regular magazine titled “Pallet Central” with updates every two months. In the September-October 2018 edition, they have an article titled “Leadership, business & family”. The interview with our CO-CEO, Amy Olson is in this edition. She starts by describing her leadership style as “confident, decisive, and fair”.

Rose Pallet consecutively ranked for Crain’s list of Chicago’s biggest women-owned businesses. We see a lot happening for women in the industry overall and women in the workforce at large moving forward. At Rose Pallet we know it is great to be a part of women’s history. At the start of their pallet industry experience, not many women were present. Yet, Mia and Amy are making a way for more involvement at each growth stage for women interested.

This same year  The International Association of Women (IAW) for the 2018-2019 influencer of the year recognize Mia Allen with distinction for leadership in entrepreneurship.

Women In The American Workforce

As you can see, both of these women are creating a strong presence in their field. In the workforce one in four women hold a management position. Previously, more men CEOs in the S&P 500 had the name John (or Jon), than women altogether. This became a running statistical joke. Now there are around 8% women currently making this no longer statically correct. With the growth of women leadership nation, and world-wide we are glad to see improvement and accolades with all our peers. Congratulations to the women who are shaping the workforce and to those who choose not to join the workforce. The contributions women are making in society are important and greatly appreciated by our team.

For anyone looking to partner with a women-owned pallet provider please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at Rose Pallet for a fair quote.


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