The Perfect Time for a Pallet Assessment

Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at your operations and determine where you can save. While...

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Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at your operations and determine where you can save. While pallets may represent a lower-cost item in the supply chain, it’s important to routinely perform a pallet assessment, which examines both supply and performance of pallets within your warehouse.  After all, pallet type and quality have a significant impact on loading and unloading time, safety, and cost.  Using the wrong ones can slow down distribution or deliveries, thus impacting overall efficiency and—ultimately—the bottom line.

Pallet choice boils down to four main considerations: What product is being shipped? What is the weight of the product? How durable does the pallet need to be? And, how do pallets function within your organization? Some industries, such as pharmaceutical and food & beverage, have specific shipping requirements and operate in closed-loop pallet networks. But, for most companies, a variety of pallet options can work well.  However, this also creates room for error.

If you haven’t performed a pallet assessment lately, don’t put it off any longer. Rose Pallet can come on site to your facility to personally review your shipping and warehouse operations.  We can recommend, for example, block or stringer, wood or plastic, new or used, based on your unique system requirements and the product being handled.  We can even create cost comparisons for two or more options–the savings might stack up!

Rose PalletUsing the proper pallet can make a difference in not only cost and efficiency, but also peace of mind. There is nothing worse than spending time, effort, and resources on a product only to have it damaged in transit. But, when a pallet checks all the boxes—the right size and support for the product as well as the right style for the equipment on or through which it passes–your company can rest assured that products will reach consumers in a timely manner, safely, and in original condition.

So, spring to it!  Call the pros at Rose Pallet to begin your pallet assessment and evaluation today. And, suddenly, everything will come up roses!

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