Got Questions About Pallets? We’ve Got Answers from Industry Experts!

We love it when we get to discuss pallets with our customers, not only so we can help you find...

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We love it when we get to discuss pallets with our customers, not only so we can help you find the right one for your shipping needs, but also so we can answer any questions you have. When we hear certain questions repeated from a variety of customers, we know the issue affects a large audience.

Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to organize a few commonly asked questions and provide links to helpful industry resources that address the concern.

  1. What are biobased pallets and how can they help my supply chain? Why You Should Buy Biobased Pallets
  2. What does it mean when I see a funny-looking color on my wooden pallets? Identifying Wood Discolorations
  3. I’m re-evaluating my CHEP pallet program. What are my alternatives? Pallet Rental Comparison with White Wood and A Cost Analysis of Rental vs. White Wood Pallets
  4. I would like to stay informed on raw material prices and market changes so I can properly budget for pallets. Where can I receive up-to-date information? Pallet Profile Weekly
  5. What is the best way to forecast my pallet supply? Forecasting Pallet Usage

If you have a particular inquiry that isn’t covered in this post, tell us so we can provide assistance or refer you to the right source. And, as always, for all of your pallet management needs, contact the pros at Rose Pallet. We’re here to help you for the long haul!

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