3-Day Pallet Course Impacts Future Bottom Line

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pallet designIf you’re responsible for pallet purchases or packaging solutions, you can learn the fundamentals of pallet design in just three short days to help maximize your bottom line for years to come. The short course entitled, “Wood Pallet Design and Performance,” is offered by the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design and is taught by Brad Gething and Dr. Laszlo Horvath beginning Tuesday, August 21, through Thursday, August 23, at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

For more than four decades, The Center has been in the fore front of pallet and unit-load research. It is involved in various research activities to move the design of packaging, pallet, and unit-load design to the 21st century. In addition to developing the Pallet Design System (PDS™), which is one of the most widely used pallet design software with hundreds of users all of the world, the Center also develops and presents educational programs to train employees in related industries around the country.

This particular course packs in a ton of information into three days and what you take away will impact your organization’s bottom line. It starts with a full afternoon of studying the effect of pallet design and selection on materials handling costs followed by a tour of The Center’s laboratories. On the second day, participants will learn the fundamentals of new and remanufactured stringer class pallet design as well as block class pallet design. Next, attendees will benefit from hands-on practice using the PDS software. The event concludes with a discussion concerning business application and specific case studies.

For instructor details, hotel accommodations, and more about the Blacksburg area, click here. Or, proceed directly to online registration.

Stay tuned to our blog for additional continuing education opportunities.  And, if you attend this course, be sure to comment on our blog with your thoughts or contact us.  Happy Learning…

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