Rose Pallet Announces Transition of Ownership to Mia Allen and Amy Olson

Posted On: 15th Jan, 2020 | Under: About Us | Tagged:
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We are pleased to announce a recent transition of ownership at Rose Pallet. Co-Founder Alan Rose has transferred his share of ownership to co-owners Mia Allen and Amy Olson. This transfer of ownership gives 100% controlling interest and ownership to Mia and Amy, which now distinguishes our business as women owned.

Women Owners Mia and AmyCollectively, Mia and Amy have worked in the pallet industry for nearly 40 years. Both have grown from sales to management and, ultimately, corporate ownership.  Jointly, they handle all day to-day company operations and management decisions across all departments.

Outgoing CEO, Alan Rose stated, “I am proud to transfer my share of ownership to Mia and Amy. They are a powerful duo and have built a tremendous company. While there are many factors that set Rose Pallet apart; women owned is now chief among them.”

Since our founding in 2011, Mia and Amy have helped the company triple its customer base and both women have been nationally recognized for excellence in business and leadership. They attribute their success to a close-knit working environment with a strong emphasis on collaboration and customer service.

As a women-owned business, the ladies are looking forward to new opportunities, continued growth, and blazing trails for other women in the pallet industry.

If you need pallets and are looking to work with a women-owned business, contact Rose Pallet. Our entire team is eager to talk with you about your pallet management needs.

Guy Gruenberg Guy Gruenberg

Guy Gruenberg, President & Chief Strategic Officer, has over 40 years of experience working in leadership roles and consulting for a variety of industries. Among his many responsibilities at Rose Pallet, Guy makes sure the company is always moving in the right direction and being fiscally strong. He enjoys helping others achieve their potential, motivating employees, solving problems, and leading the most Remarkable pallet company in the country.