5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Pallet Provider

Posted On: 23rd May, 2018 | Under: About Us | Tagged:
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Rose Pallet DifferenceWe all have our favorite coffee brand, place to shop, and—even in some cases—toothpaste! So, what makes us prefer one over the other? From quality and service to taste, there are many factors that impact our buying decision.

The same could be said for pallet procurement. Pallets are a simple and lower-cost item in the supply chain and we know you can buy them from a multitude of sources. So, what sets Rose Pallet apart? Aside from the obvious—our people and our passion for pallets, there are many things we do behind-the-scenes to ensure your complete satisfaction and loyalty.

5 Things You May Not Know About Us:

  1. We’re not afraid to admit we don’t have all the answers. If we don’t have a certain capability to help our customers, we’ll find someone who can. If necessary, we’ll pre-qualify that resource before recommending them to you.
  2. Our employees work well together and frequently collaborate. At Rose Pallet, employees help one another succeed in order to move the company forward. We are all united in the mindset that it’s not about how much one person can accomplish; but, rather what the company can achieve that sets us apart and keeps customers coming back year after year.
  3. We strive for innovation. Our employees aren’t satisfied with the status quo. When we see an area for improvement, we find and introduce a new methodology. We’re all about streamlining procedures and creating operational efficiences to save our customers time and money.
  4. We foster a relaxed office environment. Work studies show that happy employees are more productive. At Rose Pallet, we witness this everyday as a result of our fun and easygoing atmosphere. Employees frequently connect with each other on a personal level, which makes teamwork more effective and results in better service to our customers.
  5. We promote from within. It’s tough to work with a company when your point-of-contact constantly changes due to turn-over. At Rose Pallet, our employees have unlimited growth possibilities and can make lateral or upward movements with ease. Among other things, this helps ensure that established client relationships continue without interruption.

Ultimately, we know that success in our industry doesn’t come from a one-time transaction. It’s about developing long-term relationships. That’s why the Rose Pallet difference is more than just the outward product, it’s our inward initative that truly distinguishes us. Contact us today and see for yourself!

Alan Rose Alan Rose

Alan Rose, CEO and Co-Founder, has over 40 years of business experience in construction and logistics. At Rose Pallet, he enjoys interfacing and developing partnerships with lumber mills across the United States to bring the very best products and services to clients. Active in the overall strategy and direction of the company, he is equally involved in refining the internal training and educational department. During his spare time, Alan is devoted to many philanthropic efforts, some of which include cancer and asthmatic research. He also likes to attend various social events and spend time with family and friends. Alan was recently honored by The Daily Herald Business Ledger newspaper with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards Program.