Pallet Executives Discuss 11 Issues Affecting Customer Service and Operations

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Pallet Industry Issues Tackled by ExpertsOur Vice President, Mia Allen, was approached by Pallet Enterprise, the leading pallet and sawmill magazine, to provide commentary for an Industry Roundtable exploring changing customer landscape and workforce labor. Published earlier this year in the July issue, the article focuses on major issues and trends facing the pallet industry with an eye to the future.

Mia was selected because of her long-time involvement in the pallet industry. Currently, in addition to overseeing employees and day-to-day operations at Rose Pallet, she manages logistics and shipping programs for Fortune 100/500 companies in a variety of markets.

For the article, she and five other accomplished pallet industry executives representing pallet providers, manufacturers, recyclers, and logistics services companies in the U.S. and Canada were asked 11 specific questions on topics including pallet design, brand building in the digital age, online customer portals, human resources, corporate culture, and more. As expected, answers varied and offered unique solutions to pressing issues in the industry.

In particular, Mia was happy to participate and lend her ideas about how to engage customers in a digital landscape as well as how to attract and maintain a happy workforce and workplace culture (spoiler alert—a little Elvis goes a long way to show appreciation for employees). After all, customer and employee satisfaction are highly valued at Rose Pallet. Learn more on our blog about how we create a winning workplace for our employees.

To read the Leadership Roundtable discussion in full, visit Pallet Enterprise Magazine.  If you have a question for Mia that wasn’t addressed in the story, please comment below.

And, as always, for all of your pallet management needs, contact the pros at Rose Pallet. Our staff is loaded with experienced professionals ready to help you find the right pallet for your supply chain operations.

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Alan Rose, CEO and Co-Founder, has over 40 years of business experience in construction and logistics. At Rose Pallet, he enjoys interfacing and developing partnerships with lumber mills across the United States to bring the very best products and services to clients. Active in the overall strategy and direction of the company, he is equally involved in refining the internal training and educational department. During his spare time, Alan is devoted to many philanthropic efforts, some of which include cancer and asthmatic research. He also likes to attend various social events and spend time with family and friends. Alan was recently honored by The Daily Herald Business Ledger newspaper with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards Program.