Holiday Reflections and New Year’s Aspirations

The holidays are a great time to reflect back on the year and all of the successes and challenges along...

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The holidays are a great time to reflect back on the year and all of the successes and challenges along the way. This year, our industry faced uncertainties such as fluctuating lumber availability, material pricing, and quality.  But, overall—even with volatility, 2019 was a good one. Here’s a brief look back and what’s ahead for Rose Pallet in the coming year.

A Look Back at the Highlights

  1. Our employees did a great job analyzing and anticipating changing market conditions in order to ensure a steady supply of quality pallets for our customers.
  2. Our production line operated at full capacity, even during spot shortages, to produce high-quality combo pallets.
  3. We installed a new nailing machine at one of our plants in Indiana to increase efficiency.
  4. We helped customers evaluate and compare pallet pooling services to white wood pallets using our costing tools.
  5. We welcomed a new member to the Rose Pallet family—our vice president gave birth to “CEO-in-training” Lyla Rose in March.
  6. We enjoyed team building throughout the year and, most recently, had a great time at Throw Nation in Chicago. Who knew so many of us could throw an axe with such accuracy?

What’s Ahead in 2020

  1. Dependable service from passionate people. You knew we’d say that, right? But, it’s true. Rose Pallet will continue to be a stable provider in an unstable market.
  2. We will leverage our financial strength to purchase more raw lumber.
  3. We will expand our national reach.
  4. We will update our technology to process and track orders more efficiently.
  5. We will support more nonprofits through donations and volunteer opportunities.
  6. A move to new corporate headquarters is probable.

From all of us at Rose Pallet, Happy Holidays!  We look forward to serving you in 2020 and beyond.

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