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In addition to industry news, tips, and trends, our blog is also a great place to learn about our employees—the people behind the pallets.  This week we sat down with Guy Gruenberg, President, to learn more about his role in the company and to get his opinion on various topics:

  1. Our president doesn't like birds
    Did you know? Guy is afraid of…birds!

    Paint a picture of your role at Rose Pallet and tell us what happened to you on the job yesterday: My role as president of Rose Pallet is to be a servant leader. Yesterday I helped others achieve their potential, motivated them, solved problems together, and projected the message “to always do the right thing!” From a leadership perspective my main objectives are to make sure the company is always moving in the right direction and being fiscally strong.

  1. What does Rose Pallet do better than any other pallet provider? I think Rose Pallet does many things well, but the speed of our response and high level of customer service is unmatched in the industry. The tradition of the Rose family’s commitment to customer service and clear communication is something we strive to do every day with our ultimate goal to be a REMARKABLE company.
  1. How do you see the pallet industry (or the industries serviced by pallets) changing in 10 years? As an industry, pallets are low tech and the companies that build them are typically low tech. More automation is essential, and the equipment manufacturers are working to improve the labor intensiveness of building or reconditioning pallets. Currently, Rose Pallet uses SAAS and CRM computer programs, along with pictures, videos, and a sophisticated Pallet Design System to offer end users custom-designed pallets that exceed their requirements. But, we are always seeking ways to bring new technology into our operations and to production.
  1. If you could make or buy one item repurposed from pallets, what would it be and why? An executive desk. I have seen one at an office that was expertly made with counter-sunk brass screws and dark stained repurposed wood from pallets. Certainly, they are unique and one-of-a-kind as well as a piece of art representing the industry.
  1. What is your favorite book and why? It is a Tie between The World According to Garp and Think and Grow Rich. So, I will settle on Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which gives many lessons and guidance on how to be a good person and how to excel as a businessman. Hill studies some of the most successful people in his era (1937) and the book is still popular today with over 100 million copies sold!
  1. What are you afraid of? Birds. I have always been afraid of birds since I was a young boy. I think it has to do with the original Alfred Hitchcock movie. I watched it with neighbor friends in their basement. I remember a scene when a bird was biting a person’s arm and I squealed and jumped out of my seat. I think birds bother me because they can swoop out of nowhere. Snakes, spiders, and alligators are fine. I have owned a boa and an alligator as pets. No fear with them!
  1. Which living person has impacted your life the most and why? I’ve met many famous people and I’ve had some wonderful teachers. But, when it comes down to the one person that impacted my life the most, it would be my father. He is a genius in many respects and has showed me many business and life lessons. I wish I could have been there when he played Bobby Fisher in chess
  1. If you could go anywhere and do anything for one weekend, where would you go and what would you do? I would travel to the International Space Station. I have always desired to go over the speed of sound. I would like to experience weightlessness and observe the earth from that far away. I think it would be interesting to speak to Russians and Americans that work together without all of the politics back on earth. Only an elite few get to do this, so I can start my training and diet anytime I get the green light to travel there.
Mia Allen Mia Allen

Mia Angellotti Allen, Vice President and Co-Founder, is a 16-year veteran of the wooden pallet industry. Her career is focused on managing shipping and warehousing projects for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Currently, Mia leads the sales team in growing and expanding the business and oversees all operational initiatives. Mia holds a Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. She is very involved in philanthropy and actively fundraises for The Cancer Support Center in Mokena, Illinois. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, and spending time with her husband and three children.