6 Ways Your Supply Chain Can Support Earth Day Year-Round

Posted On: 17th Apr, 2019 | Under: Holiday | Tagged:
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Using wood pallets is a sustainable choice to ship productsForty-nine years ago, people took to the streets to protest the use of pollutants that were threatening biodiversity and posing risk to human health. It was the very first Earth Day and, since that time, this day of civic action has become a global event.

The wooden pallet industry is very supportive of Earth Day, which occurs in just five days on April 22.  You can help too. Here’s how:

Make sustainable choices – One of the best ways your supply chain can help our planet is by using sustainable wood pallets and packaging solutions. Wood is renewable, biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. It also has minimal impact on natural resources.

Commit to eco-friendly acts – An average wooden pallet can go through the shipping cycle for up to five years, if properly repaired along the way. By routinely inspecting and repairing your pallet supply, you ensure each pallet can be used to its full potential rather than ending up in a landfill.  And, when it’s no longer suitable for transit, there are many options for upcycling.

Reduce your carbon footprint – Wood stores carbon, so by using wooden pallets, you are reducing your carbon footprint. You can even calculate the savings with this tool developed by Nature’s Packaging®.

Conserve energy and resources – Wooden pallets are strong and can handle heavier unit loads, which means you can ship more product per trip and use fewer trucks and less fuel. Its strength means you may also be able to use less product packaging, which equates to less waste.

Collaborate on environmental projects in your community – One event we like to highlight each year is the Pallet Challenge organized by Georgia Southern’s Center for Sustainability and occurs during GreenFest. Teams or individuals compete by showcasing upcycled pallet creations. But, there are many others held throughout the country year-round. To find one local to you, click here.

Share your acts of green – Earth Day Network organizers are promoting an initiative to reach 3 billion “Acts of Green,” which encourages citizens to report their unique idea for going green. We think using remanufactured pallets or pallet upcycling would certainly qualify. Click to submit your idea.

Wherever you live, we hope this Earth Day inspires you to get out and experience an activity or contribute in some way to the preservation of our planet. And, don’t forget, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to ship your product, contact Rose Pallet to discuss our wooden pallet and packaging solutions.

Mia Allen Mia Allen

Mia Angellotti Allen, Vice President and Co-Founder, is a 16-year veteran of the wooden pallet industry. Her career is focused on managing shipping and warehousing projects for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Currently, Mia leads the sales team in growing and expanding the business and oversees all operational initiatives. Mia holds a Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. She is very involved in philanthropy and actively fundraises for The Cancer Support Center in Mokena, Illinois. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, and spending time with her husband and three children.