Is a Cheaper Pallet Really Worth it?

Posted On: 06th Nov, 2019 | Under: Industry Tips | Tagged:
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"Cost" written on a piece of paper with scissorsWe’re hearing it more often–purchasing agents are buying cheap pallets because of organization pressure to cut price no matter the long-term cost to the system.

These less-expensive pallets sound great on paper; but, when they arrive, the pallets are poor quality with damaged components such as split or missing bottom boards, excessive pallet deflection, or inconsistent dimensions. All of these issues can lead to inefficiencies in automation, i.e. jams or faults, product damage, or even safety incidents.

In fact, many of our customers have made the switch to Rose Pallet because they are tired of poor quality used pallets causing costly problems. For example, some customers have reported they had to remove loose or broken pallet components from their rollers. Still others have told us how missing boards have resulted in unbalanced and unsafe loads.


Ultimately, buyers have to decide if spending a little more now is worth saving five times as much down the road. The key to avoiding common pallet problems is to specify (and pay for) quality materials and construction. For example, using denser wood in the end boards will help prevent wear and tear from forklifts and using wider center stringers in block-style pallets improves strength. Click here for other design tips to lower costs without sacrificing performance.

And, speaking of performance, ask us about our remanufactured or combo pallets. They’re less expensive than new Grade A or #1 pallets, but still very durable. Our combo pallet production line assembles pallets with new stringers, used bottom boards, and used top deck boards. These aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound pallets come in a variety of configurations.

We’re always available to review options with you. For questions or to get a quote, contact the pallet pros at Rose Pallet.

Guy Gruenberg Guy Gruenberg

Guy Gruenberg, President & Chief Strategic Officer, has over 40 years of experience working in leadership roles and consulting for a variety of industries. Among his many responsibilities at Rose Pallet, Guy makes sure the company is always moving in the right direction and being fiscally strong. He enjoys helping others achieve their potential, motivating employees, solving problems, and leading the most Remarkable pallet company in the country.