This Day in Supply Chain History

Today marks the anniversary of the creation of the U.S. Interstate Highway System. It was the dawn of a new era of movement. Fast-forward to present day and the highway system remains integral to our national supply chain.

The Federal Aid Highway Act was signed by President Eisenhower on June 29, 1956. Initial support for a nationwide highway system was based on a need to strengthen our national defense. In the event of a ground invasion, highways would enable fast transport of troops and supplies across the country. Of course, the highway system did more than aid national defense, it provided and still provides a critical link for our nation’s freight transportation network.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 19.7 billion tons of freight, valued at $18.9 trillion dollars, are shipped to and from sites in the U.S. Most of the freight shipped in the U.S. is transported by trucks. And, of course, much of that truck freight is packed on pallets.

That is why June 29th is worth commemorating! Without that Act signed into law 66 years ago, we might not have our 47,279 miles of interstate highways. And pallets might not be as indispensable as they are.

Fortunately, we do not have to contemplate living in such a world. Since its completion in 1992, the interstate highway system has been critically important for the delivery of goods and the continued momentum of America’s economy.

All of us experienced firsthand the disruption during Covid and the continued crunch due to current truck driver shortages and high fuel prices. But eventually we will overcome these challenges, too.  And what will remain is our infrastructure and the humble pallet hard at work.

So today let’s celebrate our highways that keep the economy moving and the pallets that move the world’s goods.

Want to continue the history lesson? Contact our pallet pros at Rose Pallet. We love pallets and our life’s work.

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