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To keep things lively and engaging on our blog, we thought we’d put your knowledge to the test… Wooden pallets...

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industry quizTo keep things lively and engaging on our blog, we thought we’d put your knowledge to the test…

Wooden pallets are used to securely transport goods around the world.  But, other facts and statistics concerning the wood packaging industry may surprise you.  With the help of several industry resources, we’ve compiled a short quiz that may leave you stumped (pardon the pun)!

To find out how much you know about wood, pallets, and the packaging industry, continue reading.  The first 10 readers to comment on our blog with correct answers will receive a $10 Starbucks Card.

  1. The United States and Canada combined produce how much of the world’s supply of industrial roundwood?
    a) 75%                   b) 51%                  c) 28%                   d) 15%
  1. Which of the following categories uses the highest volume of softwood and hardwood in the U.S.?
    a) New Construction      b) Packaging/Shipping      c) Furniture      d) Residential Repair
  1. In the U.S., what percent of wooden pallets are used daily to ship food including dry groceries, dairy, frozen foods, and fresh fruit/vegetables?
    a) 40%                b) 61%                  c) 10%                    d) 83%
  1. Which year was designated the “International Year of the Forest” by the United Nations?
    a) 2001                 b) 2016                 c) 2005                  d) 2011
  1. True or False?  The state of California has the greatest number of jobs in the biobased products industry.

Stay tuned to our blog for additional trivia throughout the year.  And, remember to contact us for all of your pallet management needs.

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