Pallet Prose – Industry Terminology: Part 2

As we posted earlier in April, the word ‘pallet’ makes up just one term in the diverse language of the...

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pallet termsAs we posted earlier in April, the word ‘pallet’ makes up just one term in the diverse language of the industry.  In part two of ‘Pallet Prose,’ we’ve compiled more commonly used pallet terms spanning the letters N-Z to aid in your discussion when determining which pallets are right for your organization.

Non-Reversible Pallet: A pallet with bottom deckboard configuration different from top deck.

Notched Stringer: A stringer with 2 or more notches spaced for fork-tine entry (partial 4–way entry).

Overhang: The distance the deck extends from the outer edge of the stringer or stringerboard; wing; lip; distance the unit load extends beyond the deck

Pallet Design System: Reliability-based computer-aided design (CAD) program, for determining the safe load carrying capacity, performance, life and economy of wooden pallets.

Pallet Jack: Hand-propelled wheeled platform, equipped with a lifting device for moving palletized unit loads

Pallet Life: The period during which the pallet remains useful, expressed in units of time or in the number of one-way trips.

Recycled Pallet: A pallet that has been used, discarded, salvaged, repaired, or rebuilt in order to pass through another cycle or cycles of use.

Remanufactured Pallet: A pallet built from either all reclaimed (used) lumber or built from a combination of new and reclaimed lumber.

Skid: A pallet without bottom deck boards or deck.

Softwood: Wood from coniferous or needle bearing species of trees (not necessarily soft in texture or of low density).

Span: The distance between stringer or block supports

Strap Slot: Recess or cutout on the upper edge of the stringer or the bottom of the top deckboard to allow tie-down of a unit load to the pallet deck with strapping/banding, also called the banding notch.

Stringer: Continuous, longitudinal, solid or notched beam-component of the pallet used to support deck components, often identified by location as the outside or center stringer

Stringerboard: In block pallets, continuous, solid board member extending for the full length of the pallet perpendicular to deckboard members and placed between deckboards and blocks

Two-Way Entry Pallet: A pallet with un-notched solid stringers allowing entry only from the ends

Warehouse Pallet: A double-face multiple trip returnable pallet intended for general warehouse use.

Wing: Overhang of deckboard end from outside edge of stringer or stringer-board

So, now that you’re an expert in the language, let’s talk about your pallet needs.  For a free consultation, contact our national pallet specialists.

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