How Our Pallet Business is Pivoting in the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused many businesses and industries to change course. In many cases, including at Rose Pallet, this pivot has been positive resulting in innovation and advancements. Here’s what we’ve been doing to adapt and move forward.

  1. Focus on employees – Rose Pallet is focusing more than ever on our employees. We understand that times are stressful. Work life should be positive and productive. That’s why we are investing in cross training. This not only provides career growth, but it also relieves burden from departments experiencing higher demand. We are also continuing to develop team building activities to strengthen employee bonds. And, last but not least, our management team is meeting more frequently to strategize and plan for business beyond the pandemic.
  2. Focus on customers – Rose Pallet has always made it a priority to visit with our clients and get their feedback. But, since visiting face-to-face has been limited, we are communicating in other ways. Oftentimes, it’s a simple note to check in and make sure they are doing okay—both personally and professionally. While we are happy to help with pallet needs or strategy; above all, our goal with each touchpoint is to spread cheer and goodwill.
  3. Focus on technology – Before the pandemic, our business heavily relied on in-person meetings and site visits to assess operations. Now we are using online applications like MS Teams, Zoom, and Facetime to collaborate with clients and perform virtual walk-throughs of plants and facilities. We are also using technology more frequently for industry networking and continuing education including online forums, virtual trade shows, and webinars.
  4. Focus on thought leadership – We utilized part of the time during the national shutdown to document our thoughts and ideas concerning the industry and prevailing trends. Our executive team has been able to share this insight in articles and on panel discussions. We recently provided commentary for a feature piece in the June issue of Pallet Enterprise.

While no one could have planned for this pandemic, we are encouraged by the way many businesses have reacted to it. There is remarkable collaboration and innovation happening as a result and we are grateful to be a part of it. How can we help you? Contact us today!

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