New Year Update From the President

We are grateful to our clients, vendors, and the surrounding community for supporting our business in 2020 despite all the challenges. Now, as we move into 2021, we are excited for what lies ahead. Our president, Guy Gruenberg, took a few moments to reflect on the past and provide his thoughts on the future.

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First off, Rose Pallet would like to express our sympathies to our clients and all those affected by Covid-19.

Looking Back

Though it was a difficult year, Rose Pallet is proud that we fulfilled our commitments to clients. In fact, we maintained a 99.8 delivery completion benchmark! This required putting strict safety measures in place and keeping our corporate office Covid-free. We will continue following and exceeding all federal and state guidelines moving forward.

We missed the face-to-face interactions with our customers, many of whom have become our friends over the years. However, we kept in touch with everyone by traditional methods and using video technology.

Our Rose Pallet team worked tirelessly behind the scenes, putting in many long hours, seven days a week. This effort enabled weekend deliveries for many of our clients who relied on our services.

In fact, due to our dependability, we landed many new accounts who came into our supply chain because they weren’t able to acquire pallets elsewhere.

State of the Industry

If Covid wasn’t enough, the pallet industry is coping with lumber shortages and erratic price increases up by as much as 250% from 12 months ago. Fortunately, our tenacious pre-buying has helped mitigate much of the affect for our customers. We predict some leveling off and receding of raw materials in the year ahead, but we all know prices seem to come down slower than they go up!

Another supply chain challenge is lack of 48 x 40 repairable cores. We have some new sources; however, we are still interested in obtaining cores (scrap pallets) from any of our readership. Find out more about our buy-back program.

Looking Ahead

Rose Pallet plans on steady growth for 2021 as we add new people and resources. We are confident that our business will continue to be essential and serve as a significant part of the supply chain. After all, there will always be demand for groceries and other goods. Many of which are shipped on the pallets we supply to retailers nationwide.

Thank you for your loyalty in 2020 and beyond. We appreciate all of our customers and associates. May you have a happy, healthy, and successful year ahead!

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