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Companies manufacturing healthcare and food products have seen demands soar. Many are working overtime to increase output and keep America’s store shelves stocked. But, other industries and smaller businesses may be experiencing the opposite effect. If your production, budgets, and pallet needs have shifted, Rose Pallet can help.

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We understand that these are difficult times and that your pallet needs may have shifted. But we also want you to know that Rose Pallet is here for you. Our pallet specialists can help you get through the slowdown and look to the future. While it may mean adjusting pallet orders in the short term, there are other strategies that we can review to get you prepared for a resurgence.

For example, we can help you reassess pallet design to help you save on material handling. The right design, including type of wood, can help your business reduce costs, minimize product damage, and increase safety throughout the unit load handling system. It is also important to consider the purpose or role of pallets in relation to other material handling equipment, including forklifts or pallet jacks. Together, we can examine your operations to determine the best solution moving forward.

Rose Pallet also buys back pallets for reconditioning. You can reach us anytime and schedule a pick up. When you call us—you’ll talk to a “live” person! No special apps or other technology required. If you have pallets piling up, stop staring at them and turn them into cash with our buy-back program.

Last but not least, as your needs change, please remember that Rose Pallet does not have minimum order requirements.  And, we are capable of delivering emergency loads and less-than-truckloads using our box truck fleet. Whatever your business requirements, we have an open ear to listen and a passion to help you solve any pallet problem.

Ultimately, while we don’t have a crystal ball, we are full of optimism that our economy and small businesses will survive and even thrive as we move beyond the pandemic. We’re with you…in challenging and prosperous times. And, together, we will get through this.

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