Rose Pallet Employees Transform for Halloween

When is a rose not a rose? While it’s true that Rose Pallet employees are quite rosy, there is one day each year when we branch out. Of course, we’re talking about Halloween. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, we asked our staff to share last year’s photos of their kids, grandkids, or themselves in costume.

rose pallet team halloween costumes

From pumpkins, vampires, and superheroes to spectacularly made-up faces, our employees and their extended family know how to get in disguise. Perhaps one of our costumes will inspire you!

Upcycled Pallet Decorations

Of course, it’s also the season to share some creative ways people have upcycled wooden pallets into decorations. Check out these spooktacular ideas—grave markers, family art, Frankenstein monster, and bewitching scene. All photos, projects, and other eerie images can be found on Pinterest.

If you want to join the pallet upcycling craze, start with locally owned (or smaller) businesses, and simply ask them if you can take their discarded pallet material. When you ask, be sure to explain why you are looking for their scraps. When people are drawn into your ghostly plans to spook your neighborhood ghouls and goblins, they are more likely to help.

We’re Dying to Hear From You

If you decorated your house or dressed up for Halloween, email us a photo and we’ll send you a treat!   From all of us at Rose Pallet, have a safe and spooktacular Halloween.


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