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Chicago is ranked as one of the highest areas for gasoline pricing!

What can we do?

Rising gas prices coupled with the speculation of selected refinery cut backs have caused some drivers to fear that gas may reach $5 per gallon.

Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help you save on gas:

1. Do…Inflate and balance your tires properly – this will save on gas.

2. Do…Learn how to replace your own air filter. (This is usually very easy to do and will save you money.)

3. Do…Purchase Sun Shades and use them. They will keep your car cooler on hot summer days and make the “cool down” easier on your air conditioning unit.

4. Don’t…Let your car’s engine run while you prepare for departure. Load up the car and buckle all seat belts before you start the engine.

5. Don’t…Let your car’s engine run while you wait for a passenger. Turning off the engine while waiting will save on gas.

6. Don't…be tempted to use a higher octane rated gas than is recommended for your car.

Even before getting in your car, one step you may want to take is to contact our elected officials by visiting www.usa.gov. Click on “Contact Government” then click on “Elected Officials”. Through this website you can easily contact your Senator, Representative, the Governor or even the President and/or Vice President of the United States via telephone, email or mail.

Share your concerns with them regarding the rising gasoline costs. Stand up and be counted! (Remember, this is an election year.)

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